get your stickers now!*Please note that we temporarily suspend sending LOVE YOUR TRANSLATOR stickers! (Learn more about the why.)
However, we are planning a comeback of LYT that will be louder, fancier and prettier than our old campaign, so follow our blog and don’t miss any updates!*

It’s high time to show our appreciation to professional translators and interpreters who keep our global village spinning every day!

That’s why we are sounding a big “THANK YOU!” to all translators and interpreters out there.

Together with more than 1500 translators, interpreters and other supporters, we stuck our LOVE YOUR TRANSLATOR badges to anything anyplace, from Berlin to L.A., from Melbourne to Porto, in order to show the world that there are many language professionals out there.

A short remark on the legal issues of sticker bombing:

Our stickers can be removed easily and don’t leave marks. The act of sticking them to street lamps and the like will therefore not be considered vandalism in most countries. However, we know that countries like Switzerland and Singapore are very strict and we ask you to consider your country’s law and use common sense when you go out tagging.

Our stickers are made of biodegradable plastics and don’t have any negative environmental effects.



(a.k.a. happy LYT supporters)



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