It’s a new year! It’s time for a new project!

It’s been over one year ago already, when we first sat together and talked about building an online marketplace for fair and ethical language services. We envisioned a virtual space, “where […] language professionals can connect with each other and with clients, establish trusted long-term partnerships, and [all business partners] commit to high quality and fair rates.”

It’s been stressed over and over again that visibility is key to freelancers’ success. This is particularly true for language professionals such as translators and interpreters. With the LOVE YOUR TRANSLATOR initiative, we have reached out to the  community and many of you supported the cause by tagging their cities.

However, for our profession to gain more visibility in the business world, a sticker can only be a starting point.

That’s why we are working hard on putting our vision into practice.

Anja & Stefan (smiling)






We are very happy that we were able to engage Stefan for this exciting project. He shares our appreciation for language professionals and, being a technology expert, he complements our team very well.
Marie & Stefan (working hard)






Over the course of the next weeks, we will share more information with you. Stay tuned!

Anja, Marie, Stefan


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